Allegory Handcrafted Pens

Allegory is the kind of company that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside – which is probably a good thing when you’re trying to sell someone a $120 handcrafted pen.

This bespoke loving company out of Chicago reclaims tropical hardwoods from overseas shipping containers and antique maple from old barns and spins them into unique pieces of art. If that weren’t green enough, they also make a tree planting donation to the Nation Forest Foundation for each pen sold.

What’s truly amazing is the process by which each one of these works of art is made. From picking the lumber, to blending the wood, to turning the final design, it’s something you really have to see to fully appreciate.

Each pen also comes with an “always, no matter what” guarantee and a brief printed history of the wood used in the package – which makes for a unique gift, that is sure to stand out.

Prices for the pens typically range from $80 to $175 depending on the style and type of wood. The good news is, when you spend that much on a pen, you’ll be far less likely to lose it.

$80-$175 | Buy it Now

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