Angry Uterus Heating Pad

We all know the best way to fight fire is with fire (thanks Metallica) so it only seems natural, when that time of the month comes, that the best way to tame your aching uterus is with an angry uterus shaped heating pad.

Now that you see it in front of you it seems so obvious and thanks to Stacy Fox this handmade heating pad is all too real.

Each one of these little monsters is hand cut, stuffed, scented with lavender, and lovingly sewn to tame your tender ladybits. If the gentle heat after microwaving for 2-4 minutes doesn’t do the trick, the giggle you have while using it will at least dull the pain.

The angry uterus comes in a variety of styles and can also be stored in the freezer to be used as a cold pack. It’s the perfect gift for that extra cranky friend.

$32 | Buy it Now

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