Beetle Playing a Guitar

It’s a real beetle playing a guitar… get it? It may look like a fun little oddity but this is actually the handiwork of a professionally trained entomologist with a Master’s degree and an apparent decent sense of humor.

Each one of these dioramas are handmade using museum quality shadowboxes, hand cut mats, acid free mounting papers, and double sealed UV conservation glass to ensure your new beetle will last a lifetime. The back of the 9” x 9” frame features a vintage label describing the insect and a hook to mount it on the wall.

The creator, Kevin Clarke, also offers a myriad of displays including beetles on bikes, skateboards, and even a Weevil Knievel mounted on a miniature motorcycle. Collect them all and watch for the look on your friend’s faces when you take them into your library, office, or den to show off your collection of “beetles” art.

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