Cat Battle Armor

Maybe you’ve been trying to get your pet into cosplay to complete your medieval look? Maybe you have a cat that’s picked on by his friends and you want to help level the playing field? Whatever the reason, there is officially a guy who will make your cat battle ready armor.

There is no doubting the quality of this hand worked leather, waxed cord, and nickel silver hardware fit for a warrior. This isn’t a flimsy costume; this is the real deal that will turn your cat into a force to be reckoned with.

The torso features articulating riveted plates, a bad ass spiked spine, and a full set of scales to cover the vulnerable hindquarters. How do you get Oscar into it? Might I suggest a kitty Zanax?

If you love the look but don’t have a cat, the maker notes that he will also build a custom set for dogs, ferrets, or anything else you can throw at him.

$500 | Buy it Now

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