Custom Airbrushed Toilet Seat

Why would anyone need a custom airbrushed toilet seat? Because, ‘Merica!

What better way to remind yourself how great a privilege it is to live in the land of the free and home of the brave than to stare at a majestic bald eagle laid over the Stars and Stripes, every single time you unzip your fly?

Your neighbor might fly Old Glory proudly off the front of his house and flaunt the flag on his American made pickup truck but, is it on his toilet seat? I’m not saying we should question his patriotism but, there is clearly room for improvement.

In all seriousness, it should be noted that the talented guys at Drew’s Up North, located in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, will take any image, logo, or text you’d like and airbrush it onto just about anything, including your toilet seat cover.

They also have an in-house CNC machine and boast that they can now combine laser engraving with airbrushing to take their customizations to the next level.

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