Custom Cast Metal Skulls

If you’re in the market for a custom cast metal skull, Molten Metal Works of Eliot Maine has an impressively eerie body of work.

From the basic anatomically correct to full blown mohawks on Cthulhu skulls, each of these works are designed, wax casted, and poured by hand. The skulls are then be anodized, plated, or otherwise painted to fit your décor.

The small foundry typically works with aluminum so they can utilize recycled materials and keep the weight down on the rather thick heads but, they will also work in steel, stainless steel, bronze, or cast iron to suit your needs.

They will also accommodate any number of mounting options including tabs, holes, or threads to display your handcrafted skull, at no extra cost.

$200-$1200 | Buy it Now

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  1. looking for a 6 oz metal skull with a 1/4-20 stud to put on the end of the stabilizer for my Olympic style archery bow. I would look cool and I’m sure many people that see it will want one. Is this something you can do or make.


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