Danville Steel Bed Frame

Now you can sleep in a turn of the century boxcar style bed without having to worry about all the sounds, smells, and knife wielding hobos that come with the real thing.

Designer Anthony Perez out of Las Vagas, Nevada says the inspiration for the industrial steel bed came from the Johnny Cash song, The Wreck of the Old 97 — a song about a Southern Railway train that derailed back in 1903.

Don’t let the old look fool you, this frame is constructed with all new custom cut steel which is welded and hand finished with a custom patina for that classic aged look.

All that steel means this thing is packing about 80lbs per bedrail, perfect for anyone looking for a stylish bed they can count on to stay put.

The bed featured is a queen size, but the builder says if you have the cash he will create a custom frame for any size mattress.

$1650 | Buy it Now

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