Nintendo Controller Coffee Table

It’s a coffee table, it’s a Nintendo controller, it’s a piece of art, and best of all — it actually works!

This Nintendo NES controller is handmade with beautiful maple, mahogany, and walnut woods featuring sturdy dovetail joints. A glass top protects the smooth hand laid finish.

To use the fully functioning controller simply remove the glass top and plug in the hidden retractable cord from beneath.  It can be operated by one player but, it looks like it might be even more fun with two.

If the $3500 price tag is a little too rich for your blood, the creator also offers a non-working version of the table for $1950.

As you might imagine, this one man show out of Venice California has limited workspace so each 40″ x 17.5″ x 19″ table is made to order and takes about 4-6 weeks.

$3500 | Buy it Now

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