GoT Taxidermied 3-Eyed Crow

You think you’re a Game of Thrones fan? Your friends may speak enough Dothraki to get by or maybe they’ve memorized the nine regions and can draw their crests by memory but, do they have a real three eyed crow?

Dressing up like the Khaleesi is cute but, if you want to be the ruler of the Nerdy Seven Kingdoms you’re going to need Allis Markham, a taxidermist for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, to create this masterpiece for you.

A Game of Thrones fan herself, Allis created this one of a kind grad school gift for her likeminded friend and fan of the show – I’d like to take a moment and call on my friends to step up their game. Seriously, what are you guys doing?

There is one little caveat if you are interested, the only way to get one in your living room is to BYOB (Bring Your Own Bird). When reached for comment Allis said “Crows have a legal hunting season and are commonly killed as pests (as was this crow) so, it’s 100% legal to own, but no selling, bartering or trading for them,” which I’m sure we can all agree is a good thing.

Her website PreyTaxidermy actually takes the time to stress that all of the animals used in her work are obtained legally. Whether they are found dead of a natural cause, met an unavoidable death, or were hunted for sustenance, none of the deaths are related to the art.

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a kind of greenseer but, don’t happen to have a crow lying around, there is hope.  Simply befriend a local pest control professional, as they “would probably be happy to give one away if someone got a hold of one.”

If you’re wondering what exactly 850 dollars of high level experienced taxidermy buys you, Allis documented the very detailed process for all to see (warning if you’re easily squeamish).

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