Hand Cut Penny Bowl

If you’ve ever looked at something and thought, “that thing is cool but, it would be awesome if were made out of pennies,” Stacey Lee Webber is just the woman to make that happen.

This strangely unique 6 inch bowl is made up of about 270 pennies (I counted) which were painstakingly soldered together and then copper plated to finish the clean look.

Is it me or does this salad taste funny?

Why would you want anything made out of pennies? I have no idea but, Stacey also creates necklaces, bracelets, charms, earrings, and cufflinks. Her medium is not limited to pennies as she also works with quarters, nickels, and dimes from all different points in history.

Her ability to cutout and rework the currency into different creations is something that has to be seen to truly appreciate. As with all the custom bespoke work we feature, she can easily design anything to your own style or standard.


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