Hummingbird Feeder Hat

If you enjoy bird watching but never really feel close enough to the action, it’s time to up the ante, strap a couple of bird feeders to your helmet, and feel the breeze of those beating wings.

An Etsy user out of Whidbey Island, Washington has created what is probably the most unique bird feeder ever made. I use the term created loosely but, strapping all of these parts together does take a bit of engineering and handywork.

The picture likely speaks for itself but, what you have here is a Bell bike helmet, a couple aluminum rods, and two hummingbird feeders tied to the end.

Now you’re thinking, but this is a joke right? No birds will actually eat from that thing. Sit back and marvel at the video below.

Imagine the joy you could bring to your loved one with a gift like this – and the laughs that would be had by all when you see them wearing it.

$37 | Buy it Now

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  1. Thanks for posting… Wearing this device and having the hummers within 12″ of you is a experience you will never forget… You can look them in the eye.


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