Kangaroo Scrotum Pouch

You might think this little bag is a crappy attempt at a joke but, I assure you, this Kangaroo scrotum pouch is entirely real.

The very durable 3” x 4” sacks feature a soft hand tanned finish and draw string perfect for storing your most precious cargo.

Since each bag is unique, there may be small blemishes from getting kicked in a fight or carelessly jumping past a prickly thorn bush – thank God we get to wear pants.

No Kangaroos were killed solely for their dangly bits. The Australian government authorizes a controlled culling because of overpopulation and these animals are utilized from meat to nuts.

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  1. Half of me feels like this is such an indignity to the deceased Kangaroo but, the other half of me giggles at the though of someone using my sack as a purse when I’m dead.


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