Leather Covered Harry Potter Books

Sure, you could download the entire Harry Potter collection onto your cold lifeless tablet for a few bucks or you could give yourself (or a lucky loved one) the gift of a living, breathing, old fashion leather bound book to enjoy for years to come.

This set of seven hardcover books have been wrapped in hand cut, tanned, and riveted leather complete with bookmark ribbon to finish the look that is perfect for dressing up any sophisticated décor – try that with your ebook.

Each cover is made to order and can be personalized with any work, design, or message you desire for about $85 a pop. From the Lord of the Rings trilogy to The Hyrule Historia, this designer’s covers are a geeky bookworms dream.

$550 | Buy it Now

5 Responses to “Leather Covered Harry Potter Books”

  1. Are these simply leather jackets to replace the regular dust jackets? Or are these actual leather bound books. Honestly for $85 each, I can see them just being very fancy dust jackets, but if they are actually bound that’s an amazing price. Anyway, any info you can provide would be appreciated.
    Thank You

  2. Alexys Bosse

    Can these books still be purchases individually for $85 for Christmas time?

  3. These are leather slip covers that replace the paper dust jackets. I know because I designed and make them. 🙂 (sorry it took so long to reply, I was just now made aware of this article)

  4. can we choose the picture on the front cover or do you make them all the same?


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