Magnetic Walnut Knife Rack

If your knives are fancy enough to be put on display, they need a magnetic rack that is, at the very least, equally as beautiful.

A small company called Wake the Tree Furniture in Lebanon, PA has taken a chunk of black walnut wood and backed it with those seemingly magical, super strong neodymium magnets to create a piece that defies logic. The magnets not only securely hold your knives, scissors, and bottle openers but they also hold the wooden block to the sleek powder coated metal mounting bracket.

The rack measures a hefty 1” x 2” x 18” and is available in both mint and white finishes. Not a fan of the colored metal channel? You could always ditch the bracket and stick the block directly to the fridge or any other piece of ferrous metal kicking around the house.

$74 | Buy it Now

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