Mermaid Tail + Fin

Apparently there are people out there that want to pretend they’re mermaids – congratulations, here is your solution. But, it is October and if you really want to commit to a costume this Halloween, hop into your friend’s apartment, strap on the leg binding fin, lie in the corner, and have people throw water on you from time to time to keep your scales from drying out. Boom, you win best costume – you’re welcome.

Each one of these packages comes with an Aquarius Mono Fin, which the creator says, makes mermaid drowning swimming more enjoyable. The actual tail and scales are handmade with 80% Nylon 20% Spandex sparkly fabric that covers the rubbery Mono Fin for that completed look.

The suit can be custom tailored to fit any size child, teen, or adult and is available in a plethora of colors to meet your taste. Orders are typically made and shipped in 72 hours, so you still have plenty of time for Halloween.

$100 - $140 | Buy it Now

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