Moose Nugget Golf Tees

What is a moose nugget golf tee you ask? It’s a piece of moose poop skewered onto a wooden golf tee.

Why? I have no idea. The Alaska Mad Golfer says it’s “for golfers who REALLY give a shit” but, one can only guess what that means. You can’t take a guy who forages the woods for moose poop and has the idea to stick it on golf tees too seriously.

The set consists of 3 genuine Alaskan moose nuggets which have been treated, cured, and mounted onto a regular old 3.25 inch golf tee, accompanied by a golf ball showcasing then name of the company.

Will it improve your game? Probably not. Might it be a fun gag gift for that wacky golfer in your life? Check back and let me know.

$10 | Buy it Now

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