Nixie Tube Sunrise Alarm Clock

If you love retro style clocks but want all the goodies that come with mass produced modern design, you need a handmade clock from Tungsten Customs.

Each one of Jeremy’s handcrafted clocks features nixie tube displays set in a beautiful wooden box sure to set off any nightstand.

The real magic lies inside the box where you’ll find custom circuitry and programming that allows this vintage look to run an alarm, battery backup, dimmable digits, and a 30-minute smooth fade in incandescent lightbulb — perfect for that gentle sunrise wake up.

If you’re not a light in the face kind of morning person, Jeremey offers a more basic lightbulbless version as well.

Each clock is individually made to order so expect to wait about 4 weeks for delivery.

$395 | Buy it Now

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