Railroad Spike Knife

Take a railroad spike, add 2000 degrees of heat, put a hammer in the hand of a man who laughs in the face of tennis elbow, and you’ll get one interesting hand forged knife.

This double sided knife features a 5” blade connected to a 5” long handle that runs down to a mediaeval looking 1” hook blade on the bottom. At 11” this isn’t exactly a pocket knife.

The man behind Northern Crescent Iron out of Flat Rock, North Carolina will beat a spike into a knife of any shape, style, or size for around a hundred bucks. He also does discounts for multipacks which can be personalized as groomsman gifts (must be a down south thing?).

Northern Crescent Iron works also wants you to know that these spikes have been legally purchased and not stolen from railroad tracks – note to self, do not ride any trains running through North Carolina.

$95 | Buy it Now

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