Severed Face Clown Mask

It’s a little early for Halloween but, if you are looking to scare the absolute shit out of one of your friends (which you can do any day of the year), special effects makeup artist Eric Anderson can help make that happen.

This terrifying soft silicone mask is handmade to order and can be designed with any paint scheme you can imagine –although it’s pretty hard to argue with the results of this nightmare inducing design.

Each mask is secured around the head with a leather strap while a secondary elastic band hooks around the ears to keep the face secured tightly, so you can chase your high stepping victims.

If you want to put your friend’s typical vanilla costume shop masks to shame this coming season, make sure you don’t wait until the last minute because it turns out this guy gets pretty busy leading up to that last week in October.

Now go search the internet for a cute picture of a kitten to get this horrifying image out of your head.

$130 | Buy it Now

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