Steampunk Crabby Diver Light

This interesting piece of handmade art could easily be the star of a Sci-Fi movie sure to give young children bizarre nightmares. Picture thousands of these crabs coming up from the depths and completely ruining your day at the beach – or I suppose you could just picture one calmly sitting on your desk instead.

This original 11” x 22” eight legged creation is made of copper, wood, brass, and what looks like some gardening sheers used for the articulating claws. All of the brass leg joints are fully adjustable so you can pose your new friend to suit its surroundings.

The diving bell helmet also features a battery operated LED light complete with a hand held remote which allows you to select any number of colors set the mood, or maybe to alert the people around you of your mood (perfect for work).

$575 | Buy it Now

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