Steampunk Scorpion Light

What would you do if you had an old fiddle, some nutcrackers, and a bendable lamp lying around? I’d probably throw it all in the attic and go mow my lawn, but guys like Barry from TheSteamWorks see MacGyver like potential and turn it all into a one of a kind scorpion accent light.

The 24” x 25” x 6” scorpion features articulating legs and a tail that can be posed in any number of positions, perfect for capturing that laid back or ready to strike look. The light also comes with an optional wall mount that will turn this creepy crawler into a wall walking sconce.

I don’t play a fiddle but, I’ve seen a few in my lifetime and I have never once in the history of ever thought… scorpion. Kudos to Barry and his light shining creative ingenuity.

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