Wooden Wave Chair

No nails, screws or staples – its all wood.

How do you get lines this clean? Designer Carley Eisenberg places wood lamination in a vacuum bag around her custom MDF mold and sits back while the wood relaxes and does its thing. Once out of the mold the outer faces are covered in a walnut veneer while the inner faces are covered in maple and the whole thing is wrapped in a walnut edge banding.

The chair curves and conforms to the body once weight is applied; creating what is, no doubt, a relaxing experience. The designer noted that it has been tested up to 200lbs but, it could hold more – she just doesn’t happen to have any heftier people handy to test it out.

If you happen to be on the bigger side, don’t fret, you can simply request a custom XL-tall or beefy version made to order.

$1500 | Buy it Now

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